When it is HOT outside, hike with plenty of WATER and pay attention to your dog!

With the unexpected heatwave, a number of visitors to the park have begun their hike without the proper protection from the heat. Wear a hat, have plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes, and for "The Love of Dog", don't foget to take care of your dog.  Over the past several days, due to the extreme heat the MTRP Rangers have helped rescue a number visitors to the park who have overheated.

If you think it’s hot outside, think about your canine companion.  Try wearing a fur coat with no ability to sweat and no shoes to protect your feet! Please use your common sense and do NOT bring your dog out to exercise when it’s hot outside. Your dog can literally DIE and you can be cited under CPC 597(b) for Cruelty to Animals.
  For the Love of Dog

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