West Sycamore

West Sycamore Staging Area

This area of Mission Trails Regional Park encompasses 1,128 acres of native chaparral habitat and includes seven miles of trails to be explored by park users. This acreage connects to the County of San Diego preserve Goodan Ranch and offers expansive views of Poway’s rolling hills and beyond. The main entrance to the park is located at the far east end of Stonebridge Parkway in Scripps Ranch. The staging area has a large parking lot and a porta-potty, as well as hitching posts for equestrian use. Future amenities will include a shade structure, picnic tables and park benches. The gates to this park entrance are open 8AM to 5PM during the fall and winter months (non-daylight-saving hours), and 8AM to 7PM for the longer summer days during daylight saving time.

Ranger Geoff Hasenauer is primarily responsible for the West Sycamore property. He is available to lead volunteer crews upon request and can be reached at gshasenauer@sandiego.gov for more information.

See the trail map link below.

Directions: 17160 Stonebridge Parkway, San Diego, CA. From I-15, go east on Pomerado Road and turn right on Stonebridge Parkway. The entrance to West Sycamore is at the very east end of Stonebridge Parkway.

From Highway 67 turn west on Scripps Poway Parkway, then left on Pomerado Road, then left on Stonebridge Parkway and continue until it dead ends at the main entrance to West Sycamore. This is where you will meet a Ranger if you are attending one of the guided nature walks posted on the events calendar on this website.

There is a second entrance for East Country residents from the Goodan Ranch Staging Area. From Highway 67 go west on Poway Road to Garden Road and turn left. Take Garden Road to Sycamore Canyon Road and turn right. Sycamore Canyon Road dead ends at the Goodan Ranch Staging Area from which you may also access the east end of West Sycamore.

Link to West Sycamore Map and Trails.

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