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The Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor and Interpretive Center is closed until further notice.

Your Mission Trails Adventure Begins Here!

Nestled in the chaparral and sage scrub of Mission Trails Regional Park is the Visitor and Interpretive Center. Each day you'll find people embarking on hikes or cooling down after mountain bike rides.

Explore and learn about the wonders of nature and the people who once lived on this land.

Visitor and Interpretive Center

One Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego CA 92119

Before venturing into the park, stop by our award-winning Visitor Center which boasts a stunning view of Mission Gorge. Though the Center's many educational exhibits, learn about Mission Trails' history, natural plant and animal communities and the various activities and destinations available within the park.

Spend time in the Center's library, enjoy the regular art exhibits, and pick up unique gifts, books and Mission Trails branded items at the Visitor Center Gift Shop. The park's Administrative Office is located at this facility.

Open Daily 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day

The Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center boasts a 94-seat theater. Currently there are four shows running daily.

Stewardship through the Ages, released in February 2000, is a video about the people - Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, Americans - that have been an integral part of the landscape that has become Mission Trails Regional Park.

Mission Trails Regional Park: A Natural Beauty, is an inspirational slide show depicting the beauty that is Mission Trails.

Mission Trails Regional Park...Link with the Past, Experienced Today, is a video presentation detailing some of the history and recreational opportunities afforded in Mission Trails.

Trails of the Kumeyaay, highlights the local indigenous people, their culture, traditions and beliefs up to the present day.

Facility Use for Special Events

The Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center is a unique and beautiful venue for after-hours events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, retirement parties, anniversaries, nonprofit fundraisers and celebrations of life.  To receive information about renting the facility, contact the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation via email at Please note that the facility is available after business hours, from 5PM until 11PM.

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Films at the Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center

Guests to the MTRP Visitor Center can choose from a number of films to watch, free of charge, in Center’s 94-seat theater. To have films started, guests simply make their request known to the volunteers at the Visitor Center’s front desk.

Rise and Fall of the Mountains at Mission Trails Regional Park

Geologist Patrick Abbott, professor emeritus at San Diego State University, explorer, guide, and author of several books including Geology of Mission Trails Regional Park, takes viewers on a geological tour of the park. Learn about how the geologic events that took place millions of years ago shaped Mission Trails and caused the rise and fall of the park’s mountains, enjoyed today by scores of San Diego County residents and visitors. The film runs at 19:30 and is suitable for all audiences.

Rise and Fall of the Mountains at Mission Trails Regional Park was produced by the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation and De Facto Fiction Films, and supported with funding from the City of San Diego, San Diego Association of Geologists, Betty and Mike Ogilvie, Linda and Bob Gordon, and additional donors to the MTRP Foundation.

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Additional Films Available in the MTRP Visitor Center Theater
(Not currently available online)

  • Trails of the Kumeyaay
  • Mission Trails Regional Park: A Natural Beauty
  • Link to the Past
  • Stewardship Through the Ages

Mission Trails Visitor & Interpretive Center
Map of Mission Trails at front entrance to the Visitor Center
View of the Visitor Center library from the amphitheater
Visitor Center amphitheater