Master Plan

1985 Mission Trails Regional Park Master Development Plan Update

The City of San Diego Planning Department, Park Planning Section, initiated a formal Master Plan Update (MPU) process for Mission Trail Regional Park (MTRP) in the winter of 2010. The MTRP MPU process included a series of public workshops, held in the spring of 2011, to engage local stakeholders and the interested public in the identification and refinement of future development options for MTRP. As part of the MPU process, a Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) has also been prepared. The NRMP, a requirement of the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP), has been developed concurrently with the MPU to ensure that protection and management concerns for both environmental and cultural resources have been fully assessed and integrated into the MPU.

A Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) has also been prepared as a part of this effort to ensure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for all proposed facilities and management activities planned as part of both the MPU and NRMP.

Links to the final MTRP MPU, NRMP and EIR are provided below. Questions or comments on the approval process may be provided directly to Project Manager Betsy Miller at This website will be updated with additional information regarding upcoming public hearings in the MPU, NRMP and Final PEIR approval process.

The three documents are available on the City of San Diego web site at the following links.

Public Hearings

The San Diego City Council approved the updated Mission Trails Regional Park Master Plan, the MTRP Natural Resource Management Plan, and the MTRP Final Program Environmental Impact Report for the Master Plan Update on May 21, 2019.