Art Exhibitions

at the MTRP Visitor and Interpretive Center

The Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Foundation organizes the art exhibitions on view at the MTRP Visitor and Interpretive Center, presented for the enjoyment of the Center’s more than 80,000 annual visitors. The art exhibitions showcase one artist or groups, and are staged for a period of six weeks. Artworks include wall-hung, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional pieces.

Selected artists have been juried by a panel of working artists and arts educators and the artworks are in a range of media including paint, clay, photography, pastel, fiber, colored pencil, mixed media, and more. For most of the exhibitions, the artists host an opening reception which members of the public are welcome to attend. A portion of artwork sales supports MTRP through the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation.

For more information about the Art Program, please contact Vicky DeLong.

Art Telling: It All Begins with a Word

September 13 – October 25, 2019

On view at the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Visitor and Interpretive Center September 13 through October 25, 2019 is an exhibition featuring eight award-winning San Diego artists. Art Telling includes works in mediums as diverse as paper, copper enamel, clay, paint, color pencil, and polymer clay. The artists express words like “Calm,” “Sanctuary,” or “Bountiful” in dialogue with each other through their various practices.

According to the artist collective, “Art Telling started with three goals in mind: The first was to use language, a single word, to inspire us to dig deeper into our work and find new meaning within our own practices. The second goal was to share this individual process with each other. In doing so, we had to find language to describe what is often an indescribable process filled with intuition, past learning, mistakes, and failure. In trying to put into words what we do, we better understand what pushes us, what frustrates us, what drives us to our chosen goals. The third goal was to tell the story of art making and share it with the public and allow viewers to connect to it in new ways.” Most of the featured artists have a studio in the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park and are members of the “Art Telling” group there. They share ideas, inspiration and narratives through their various mediums and practices. Art Telling combines each of their stories into a visual experience that connects words, color, form, and materials into a universal narrative.

Artists: Pat Aiken, Joan Boyer, Sue Britt, Lynn Daniel, Vicky DeLong, Deb Gargula, Ellie Hitchcock, Gail Woods.

The MTRP Visitor Center is open daily from 9AM-5PM and admission is free.


Au Naturel: Nature’s Art on view

August 3 – September 13, 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday, August 4, 2 – 4PM

On view at the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Visitor and Interpretive Center August 3 through September 13, 2019 is an exhibition featuring 25 artists from the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild. Au Naturel: Nature’s Art showcases paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints in a variety of styles and mediums selected by Emma Bloom, Programs Manager at the San Diego Natural History Museum, to exemplify the wonder found in the plant and animal life all around us.

The Artists Guild is an organization linking the San Diego Museum of Art to the artist community of San Diego County. It works to enhance awareness and appreciation of local artists by bringing their original art to the attention of patrons for display and purchase. This membership-based artist collective was founded over 100 years ago, celebrating its centennial in 2015 with an exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art. With new members joining each year, the Guild remains a vital part of San Diego’s art future and past; previous members included some of the region’s most notable artists like Belle Baranceanu and Olaf Wieghorst.

Artists: Jody Abssy, Susan Ashley, Warren Bakley, Jo Caldwell, Gloria Chadwick, Christopher Conroe, Jackie Farkas, Sue Gold, Doria Goocher, Elaine Harvey, Sandra Hayen, Alan Haynes, Sunny Hilliker, Margaret Larlham, Janet Lehmann, Skipp McCunney, John Oleinik, Cher Pendarvis, Arun Prem, Julianne Ricksecker, Sherry Roper, Bonnie Roth, Vita Sorrentino, John Straub, and Minnie Valero.

The Visitor Center is open daily from 9AM-5PM and admission is free.

Lesley Goren: California Tapestry

June 22 – August 3, 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday, June 23, 2 – 4PM

On view at the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Visitor and Interpretive Center June 22 through August 3, 2019 is an exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Lesley Goren, whose lively and colorful images of plants and flowers are a self-described “love note” to the native vegetation of Southern California. The works in California Tapestry include cheerful drawings of Scarlet Monkey Flowers (Mimulus cardinales), Shooting Stars (Primula clevelandii), and Yellow Mariposa Lilies (Calochortus luteus) that serve as beautiful reminders of the importance of nature and place.

To commemorate her exhibition at the MTRP Visitor Center, Lesley Goren has created two new custom greeting card designs for Mission Trails Regional Park to be sold in the Visitor Center’s Gift Shop beginning in late June. The designs highlight the leaves and flowers of Mission Trails. Artwork featured in the exhibition will be available for sale, and a portion of the funds will support the park through the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation. This reception is complementary and no reservations are required.

The MTRP Visitor and Interpretive Center open daily from 9AM-5PM and admission is free.

2019 Exhibitions

  • Natural Instincts
  • January 5 – February 15, 2019
  • Otto Kruse
  • Weinberg-Harter
  • Joey Edwards
  • Thia Nevius
  • Bill Rainer
  • Caroline Morse
  • Chris Waters
  • Gerry Tietje: Nature in Focus
  • February 16 – March 29
  • Natural Impressions
  • March 30 – May 10
  • Tom Franco
  • Margaret Larlham
  • Ralph Kingery
  • Catie Somers
  • 27th Annual MTRP Amateur Photo Contest
  • May 11 – June 21
  • Lesley Goren: California Tapestry
  • June 22 – August 2
  • San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild
  • August 3 – September 13
  • Art Telling – It All Begins With a Word
  • September 14 – October 25
  • Ellie Hitchcock
  • Gail Woods
  • Sue Britt
  • Lynn Daniel
  • Pat Aiken
  • Joan Boyer
  • Deb Gargula
  • Vicky DeLong
  • Group Exhibition
  • October 26 – December 6
  • Julianne Ricksecker
  • Kenda Francis
  • Ellen Parry
  • Laura Lehman
  • Student Exhibition
  • December 7, 2019 – January 3, 2020


Artists represented above (left-right): Helen Shafer Garcia, Ralph Kingery, Lesley Goren, Bill Rainer, and Sue Britt