5 Peaks In One Day

Six MTRP Patrol Volunteers climb 5 peaks in one day: (l-R) Rose Clark, Gary Jensen, Tom Thompson, Maulik Trivedi, Silvie Plesim, and Doug Perl The idea of climbing all 5 peaks in one day was originally conceived by Maulik Trivedi. Silvie Plesim acting on this idea took on the task of organizing the climb. To establish the optimal route, she and Doug Perl pre-hiked the 5 peak climb not once but twice! Silvie related that on the first pre-hike she and Doug climbed Kwaay Paay last – not a good idea said Silvie due to the steepness of the trail so we naturally had to pre-hike it again using a different route. The official climb was on November 19, 2011 and took over 8 hours to accomplish. After first climbing Kwaay Paay the hikers proceeded up North Fortuna, South Fortuna, Cowles Mountain, and finally Pyles Peak. A plaque in the Visitors Center records the task for posterity displaying the names of the participants. There are 42 miles of hiking trails in Mission Trails. Go to www.mtrp.org. Click on "Park" and then "Trail Map". Click on a trail and additional information will appear.

5 Peaks Climbed In One Day!
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