Honored Volunteers for 2016

Nearly 100 people attended the 21st Annual Mission Trails Reginal Park Volunteer Awards for 2016, on Saturday evening, February 4th. Following a dinner provided by the MTRP Foundation, Joseph Morse, President of the MTRP Foundation welcomed everyone.  He emphasized that the success of MTRP is the result of three entities working hand-in-hand; the City Rangers and Staff, the MTRP Foundation and specifically, the Volunteers who donated over 13,000 hours of their time and expertise in 2016.

Senior Ranger Ryan Robertson addressed the volunteers and reiterated on how important volunteers are to the success of the parkand that our volunteers are the most dedicated in the city. Councilmember Scott Sherman also addressed the volunteers and reconfirmed how important volunteers are to the park.  He stated that as a youngster he used to the hike trails and ride a bicycle all over the park, long before it became Mission Trails.

Jay Wilson, Executive Director of the MTRP Foundation acknowledged the success of the more than 100 free concerts presented over the past six seasons and thanked Chuck Carter for coordinating each of the concerts. He then thanked Carolyn Brakow, the new Visitor Center Librarian for her countless hours of coordinating the collection and updating the catalog program on the computer in the library used by the public.

Ranger Julie Aeilts thanked the Kumeyaay Lake Campground Hosts; John and Debbie Gates and Aglie and Marnie Hassler for their never ending service to the campground and the park in general.

The park rangers then presented the individual awards to each recipient.

2016 Volunteer Awards Were Presented To:

Volunteer of the Year: Steve Haiman - presented by Senior Ranger Ryan Robertson
Habitat Restoration:  Bob Graham - presented by Ranger Heidi Gutknecht
Trail Restoration:  Jerry Bierman - presented by Levi Dean
Park Beautification:  Vance Mills - prented by Ranger Araceli Dominguez
West Sycamore Volunteer Crew:  Roy DeRego - presented Ranger Andrew Miller
Trail Guide:  Nancy Conyers - presented by Ranger Chris Axtmann
Park Patrol:  Daryel Stager - presented by Ranger Mel Naidas
Gift Shop:   Mary Wagner - presented by Jay Wilson on behalf of Gift Shop Mgr. Patty O'Reilly
Visitor Center:  Dianne Hill -  presented by Center Director David Lee

Center Director David Lee  handed out awards for volunteering 5, 10, 15 and 20 years

Janet Arnold Paul Barbour Luann Wright Dan Leonard
Randy Borden Lona Davis
Barbara Davis Robert Graham
Gary Jensen Petra Koellhoffer
Karen Klimowitch Betty Matthews
Al Treatwell Stacy Miller-Meehan
Gail Welch Tim West
Carole Wilson

Thank you to the business who contributed to the event:

Olive Garden Restaurants, Living Coast Discovery Center, Windmill Farms, The Trails Eatery, MTRP Foundation, Rita's Del Cerro, Cheers Deli, and Golden Bagel

2016 Volunteer of the Year Steve Haiman with Sr. Ranger Ryan Robertson
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